Follow, Reply, and Retweet from Gmail!

We want Rapportive to be the best way for you to connect with your contacts. This is why, since our accidental launch, we've shown your contacts' recent tweets:

Our Twitter widget has always given you valuable context at a glance: you can mention the recent tweets, bring up shared interests, or even plan to meet at an event.

Although the recent tweets were very useful, we gave you no way to interact on Twitter itself. Yet to fully understand your contacts, you have to be where your contacts are. You have to chat where they chat, learn where they learn, and play where they play.

If your contacts tweet, so should you.

Today, our Twitter widget gets a massive upgrade. You can now follow, reply, and retweet — all without leaving Gmail!

We'll even show our new widget on Twitter notifications: when somebody follows, mentions, or DMs you, we'll show you their recent tweets and a button to follow back!

We're gradually rolling the new widget out to everybody.  But if you want it right now, you can get early access here: :)


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