Rapportive Acquired By LinkedIn!

Hey there! This is Rahul from Rapportive.

Our vision is to make you brilliant with people. Not just good, not just effective, but actually brilliant. That's our dream.

Since we accidentally launched, we have relentlessly pursued this vision, integrating LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and your address book right into your email.

During our partnership with LinkedIn, we got to know them very well. We found a great overlap between our visions. We found a high-calibre and extremely driven team. We found, crucially, a "members-first" company: everything that LinkedIn does is about making its members more successful.

In business, partnership is dating — and we went on a lot of dates with LinkedIn. Slowly, but surely, we fell in love.

Today, we are simply thrilled to announce that Rapportive is now part of LinkedIn!

Rapportive for Gmail

Over the last two years, Rapportive has become an essential product for folks all around the world. When rumours of our acquisition surfaced last week, many asked what was going to happen to the product. Well, we have fantastic news: at LinkedIn, we will support Rapportive, and we will continue to build beautiful products that make you brilliant with people.

The highlight of this journey has been our interactions with you — our amazing users who choose Rapportive day after day. We love you, love you all.

You've said some truly wonderful things: http://rapportive.com/love

Thank you so much. You're the reason why we do this.

The Future

We are completely beside ourselves with excitement. I have so much I want to tell you, and so much I want to show you. But I need to restrain myself — there'll be time for that later. For now, let me leave you with one last thought.

A company, at its core, is a set of beliefs united by a vision. When we founded Rapportive, we had one simple belief: we would build software that you don't have to remember to use. Our software would be an intrinsic part of the tools you use every day. It would be there when you want it, and out of the way when you don't.

You can convey this idea in so few words; it is so deceptively easy to describe, but it is so vitally important. Because when you do this — when you build software into the very fabric of the world around us, when you remove friction from the things that people want to do — something magical happens.

You enable people to change their own behaviour. You empower people to become better at what they do. And if you get enough people to do that, you might just change the world.

Speaking of which, we've got work to do!  'Til next time :)


Rahul Vohra, CEO of Rapportive.   Let's connect on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Please note that you are now covered by LinkedIn's terms of service and privacy policy. As always, your trust is the most precious thing we have. If you have any feedback about our new ownership, terms of service, or privacy policy — or even if you just want to say hello — please do get in touch at supportive@rapportive.com. We'll be happy to answer any questions, and if you choose to cancel your account, we will of course do that for you.

Down at the Open Angel Forum

After launching in March, attracting 10,000+ users on the first day and many more since, MartinSam and I decided to raise seed funding for Rapportive.

Anybody who has raised funding knows that it can be very time consuming. The best investors will significantly improve your chances of success, and can even rescue you you from dire straits.  But even with a strong personal network, it can take a very long time to schedule meetings with the good and the great. That is, until Jason Calacanis started the Open Angel Forum.

The Open Angel Forum puts 6 promising start-ups and 20 hand-picked angel investors in the same room as steak, wine and beer (the precise details may depend on your location). After everybody is suitably lubricated, each start-up pitches for 5 minutes and takes 10 minutes of Q&A.

The angels are stellar. We were in Silicon Valley, where the OAF boasts Dave McClure and Shervin Pishevar as chapter heads, and where the membership created or funded some of the world's most successful technology companies. These folks are the real deal. Don Dodge puts it best: “This is an invitation-only group, and these angels all write cheques.”

I am bullish on the OAF: it works. If you want to raise funding, and you are ready, then you should immediately apply. There are currently events in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York and Boulder, and there’s rumours of chapters in London and Israel.

Thanks again to Jason, Tyler, Dave and Shervin for putting on such a good event.  It works!