Effortless Scheduling with Tungle.me

Scheduling a meeting shouldn't take longer than actually having the meeting. Yet we spend so much of our time playing calendar battleships. Back and forth our emails go, trying to find that one precious hour where fates, stars and calendars align.

Calendars are great for remembering meetings, but they don't help you arrange meetings. That's why we've integrated Tungle.me into Rapportive. Tungle.me makes scheduling easy.

To schedule a meeting with somebody who uses Tungle.me, just click "Schedule" in their Rapportive profile. Their calendar will appear, showing only the times when they're available. You propose some times, enter a topic, and you're done.

If you already use Tungle.me, we've done some magic: your account will automatically show up in your Rapportive profile. Just make sure you've made your Tungle.me page searchable, which you can do from your Tungle.me account settings page. If you want to use Tungle.me to help you manage your calendar, you can sign up at http://tungle.com.

Why wasn't it always this easy?