Claim your email addresses!

Hurrah! Rapportive users now lookup more than 50 million profiles every month.

We want Rapportive to be the best way to understand and connect with your contacts. We also want lots of people to use Rapportive. As we advance on both fronts, something else is happening as a result: Rapportive is becoming an important place to cultivate your brand.

When people email you, they'll see your Rapportive profile. What do you want them to see?

We want you to be in control. To see and edit your Rapportive profile, just click "my profile" at the bottom of any Rapportive sidebar. Here you can change what people see when they email you.

This approach has worked well so far, but it doesn't cover all cases. For example, many people have more than one email address (I personally use four). If you have multiple addresses, editing your profile like this would change what is shown for your Gmail address, but would not change what is shown for your other addresses. Today, this changes.

You can now edit the profiles for all your email addresses. Click "Claim your email addresses" in the Rapportive menu at the top of Gmail, and follow the instructions. (If the option doesn't appear, please reload your Gmail tab.)

After you've claimed an email address, you can edit its profile whenever it shows in Rapportive: just hover over the parts you want to change.

On the internet, you are who you say you are. Take control.

Claim your email addresses!

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