Rapportive for developers: Bitbucket, GitHub & Stack Overflow

Here at Rapportive we're a pretty technical bunch of people, and we spend a lot of time communicating with similar people: many of our friends are developers, job applicants are developers, the people we share mailing lists with — also developers. While we've previously been able to see their social profile, there's just something missing. Wouldn't it be great to see what they are actually working on, and what makes them tick?

Services like BitbucketGitHub and Stack Overflow solve this problem. Developers have a personal profile on each site that gives an overview of the areas in which they contribute. It's quick, easy, and incredibly valuable to scan down a list of projects they work on, or a list of questions they've answered. Not only can you see what they're doing right now (which is important by itself), but you can also get a glimpse into their professional history.

For a while now, Rapportive has been showing links to Stack Overflow, and more recently we started doing the same for GitHub. Today we're happy to announce that we're also searching Bitbucket.

If you're already using Rapportive, you don't have to do anything to see these profiles. If not, it's easy to add Rapportive to Gmail now!